Boğaziçi First University Campus To Meet Entire Energy Demand From Own Wind Power Plant

The wind turbine that was installed as part of the Bogaziçi University Wind Power Plant (BÜRES) project at the Bogaziçi University Sarıtepe Campus started to generate electricity on Dec. 27, 2014, making it the only campus in the world that "meets the whole of its electricity demands from its own wind power plant."

Boğaziçi University’s Sarıtepe Campus Is Being Transformed Into a Sustainable Energy Laboratory

Being the first campus that generates its energy from a renewable wind resource, the Kilyos Sarıtepe Campus will save 1 million kilowatt-hours of energy and TL 400,000 ($174,200) generating 40 percent more than its annual electricity consumption and preventing 900 tons of carbon emissions thanks to its 1-megawatt wind turbine. Bogaziçi University President Gülay Barbarosoğlu said in a written statement: "Our university has revealed its determination to create sustainable living spaces once more with this project, which takes the Sarıtepe campus to a whole new level within the university."

BÜRES Will Not Only Generate Energy But Knowledge As Well

Associate Professor Emre Otay, coordinator of the project and faculty member at Boğaziçi University’s Civil Engineering Department, said that a research and development process had been started simultaneously with the BÜRES project, adding, "Installing the wind power plant, we also focused on engineering studies. We will track energy generation and consumption in addition to mechanical, geotechnical and environmental data; thus, we will research the sustainability of wind power plants."

He stressed that in addition to renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, wave, biogas and geothermal energy, academic studies were also being conducted on energy storage and on the energy efficiency of the buildings of the Boğaziçi University Sarıtepe Campus.

The Ultimate Goal: a Green Campus

Pointing out that properly calculated investments to turn buildings into energy-efficient places are much more economic than installing renewable power plants, Otay said: "In addition to generating energy from renewable resources, the project also includes conscious spending, saving extra energy and controlling carbon emissions. Our main purpose is to reach a zero-net energy level on this campus. We would like to be an eco-friendly, sustainable and green campus that can maintain itself without being a burden on its neighbors in terms of energy and water." 

Please visit to view a video of the wind turbine’s installation.