Boğaziçi University EMBA Program Collaborates with Harvard Business Publishing (August 24, 2016)

The collaboration between Boğaziçi University and Harvard Business Publishing (HBS), a leading name in academic publishing in the fields of management and economics, offers academics and students online access to a rich library comprising case analyses, articles, reading material, special files and online education programs.  

In accordance with an agreement signed between Boğaziçi University’s Executive MBA Program and Harvard Business Publishing (HBS), all faculty and students of Boğaziçi University will be able to benefit from HBS publications in their studies and research, free of charge for one year.

The agreement allows faculty and students of Boğaziçi University to have access to articles published in Harvard Business Review, a reputable business management journal; publications such as Business Horizons, California Management Review, IESE Insight, Rotman Magazine, and Sloan Management Review; e-books selected by Harvard Review Press; and the files of prestigious publications such as Harvard Business Review Press, Business Expert Press, Perseus Books, and Princeton University Press. Moreover, students will also be able to access Core Curriculum, a venue containing the suggested reading lists of Harvard Business School academics. With its interactive content, Core Curriculum is a highly effective resource. 

To benefit from HBS publications, academics and students should e-mail the following information about the documents they want to use to They will receive the links to those documents via e-mail. In addition, Boğaziçi academicians and students will be able to participate in a Webinar to be established for those who need more detailed information on using HBS publications. To join the Webinar, requests must be e-mailed to

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Questions on using Harvard Business Publishing materials and conditions for membership can be sent to Alternatively, faculty and students can direct their questions on registering for the website or available sources to the representative of Boğaziçi University Executive MBA Program at Harvard Business Publishing at the following address:

John Walton

Phone: (617) 783 6140

To view the features of publications covered by membership:

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