BÜYEM Trains Youth from Kosovo

The Boğaziçi University Lifelong Learning Center (BÜYEM) and the University of Pristina collaborated with the Limak Group, which operates Kosovo’s only international airport, the Pristina International Airport Adem Jashari, and launched the Limak Airport Services Institute (LimakASI) to offer new career opportunities to Kosovo’s young and talented workforce.

Some 450 students applied for the training program in its first year and 30 candidates were selected, all seniors studying at various faculties at the University of Pristina.Following six months of theoretical and applied training, students will then complete a three-month internship.

Those who complete the program will earn certificates that will make it possible for them to work not only at Pristina International Airport, but also at over 100 airports and relevant businesses in 70 countries.The project will enable university seniors to receive training on airport administration in line with European Union law, often referred to as EU Acquis, and secure employment following their training.

By merging academic education with the experience and knowhow of the private sector, the program aims to become the reference training center for creating a workforce trained in airport administration in its geographical setting.

At the meeting held in Kosovo to promote the project, Limak Investments Chairperson Ebru Özdemir, Boğaziçi University President Gülay Barbarosoğlu, University of Pristina Vice Rector Arbnor Pajaziti, and Limak Kosovo International Airport JSC Board Member and CEO Haldun Fırat Köktürk provided information on the project.

The meeting was attended by Kosovo Public Administration Minister Mahir Yağcılar, Turkish Ambassador in Kosovo Songül Ozan, representatives from the French and U.S. embassies, and many press members from Kosovo and Turkey.

Ebru Özdemir:“We are Investing in Kosovo’s Economy and Future”

Limak Investments Chairperson Ebru Özdemir underlined that they were working to further strengthen the ties between Kosovo and Turkey through economic and social investments, and said, “While we were investing in our sister country, we encountered a young generation open to learning and progress.We wanted to develop a project that would provide employment opportunities for this well-educated, multi-lingual group of young people.In light of our experience in airport administration, we will be making a significant contribution to the future of Kosovo’s youth population with the LimakASI project.This project is an indicator that we are a part of the society that we work in, and that we have a responsibility to this society.We are investing in Kosovo’s economy and future.”

Gülay Barbarosoğlu:“This Project is a Very Important Opportunity for Boğaziçi University to Offer its Accumulated Knowhow to the Service of a Friend and Sister Community Outside of Turkey”

Boğaziçi University President Gülay Barbarosoğlu assessed the collaboration between universities and businesses, and the prepared program, saying, “Presently, 3rd Generation Universities are being transformed from uni-disciplinary institutions that only promote education into structures that both conduct research and development, and generate projects.With its accumulated knowhow that spans 150 years, Boğaziçi University is one of the leading universities in Turkey that embodies the 3rd Generation University concept through the modern education it provides to Turkey’s best students, the R&D activities conducted by its world class academic staff, and by sharing information with society.At Boğaziçi University, it has become one of our major aims to offer the knowledge we generate to the service of society and support societal development.”

Barbarosoğlu added, “Programs by the Limak Airport Services Institute are a very important opportunity for Boğaziçi University to offer its accumulated knowhow to the service of a friend and sister community outside of Turkey.I believe that programs of this type will make significant contributions to furnish the people of Kosovo and its young population with current knowledge and skills, and prepare them for employment.”

Students will attend 96 hours of theoretical and applied courses on topics such as “The Basics of Airport Transportation,” “Airport Operations,” “Planning and Designing Airport Systems,” and “Airports as Commercial Businesses,” which will be offered at LimakASI and taught by faculty members from the Boğaziçi University Lifelong Learning Center.Classes will be held on weekends.During the week, students will attend applied training provided by airport administrators.These training sessions will include topics such as “Airport Safety and Security,” “First Aid and Airport Emergency Preparedness Drills” and “Ramp Safety.”In addition, workshops will be organized with the administrators of major airlines.Following six months of theoretical and applied training, a three-month internship will be mandatory.

Students who complete the program will earn the Edexcel certificate that will make it possible for them to work not only at Pristina International Airport but also at over 100 airports and relevant businesses in 70 countries.