“Second Spring” Program Run with the Contribution of Harvard University Ready for the New Semester

Initiated by Boğaziçi University to mark its 150th year, the “Second Spring” program run with the contribution of Harvard University is ready for the new semester.The program, which allows participants to receive a university-level education, was met with great interest in the 2013/14 academic year and is ready to offer a more diverse program and a greater selection of classes in the new term. 

The “Second Spring” program was inspired by the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement Programs and offers participants an opportunity to become more knowledgeable in fields they always wanted but never had the chance to study.Prepared especially for participants in retirement by the Boğaziçi University Lifelong Learning Center (BÜYEM), the program includes courses on history, psychology, philosophy, sociology, politics, fine arts, cinema and theater, art and sculpture, music, literature, and human sciences, to add to participants’ knowledge and experience in these areas.


The program is backed by the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement and features a one-week exchange program with Harvard University every year.A large number of participants will take part in the first Harvard visit, to be held between October 12-20, 2014. Participants will later greet an exchange group that will come from Harvard in May 2015.


The program offers classes on different themes four days of the week, enabling participants to attend different modules simultaneously.Classes will begin with the “An Overall Look at Turkey and the World” module and will continue with the Social Sciences, Fine Arts, and Literature modules that will be provided by faculty members from Boğaziçi University’s History Department.


For detailed information on the programs, please visit http://ikincibahar.boun.edu.tr