Boğaziçi Archives Are Accessible Online

   Boğaziçi Archives are accessible online

   Boğaziçi University Archives and Documentation Center has completed the classification, cataloging and digitization of some collections within the context of a project titled “Histories of Science, Culture and Education in İstanbul through Personal Archives”.  The project is supported by İstanbul Development Agency’s "Innovative and Creative İstanbul Financial Support Program". The digitized documents that offer valuable information on scientific, cultural and educational activities in Istanbul are now accessible to researchers on digital media.

   The archival materials and collections acquired by or donated to Boğaziçi University that have already been classified, cataloged, and digitized by the university’s Archives and Documentation Center within the framework of the project, have become accessible online to researchers. 

   The Center is planning to catalogue, digitize and offer online access to documents in seven archives and collections providing insight into works and activities pertaining to science, culture and education in Istanbul.  The aim of the digital archives is to preserve valuable documents that will contribute to the preservation of the city’s memory and identity, and at the same time render Istanbul an academic center of attraction and develop local and international cooperation. Upon completion of the work, the digital archives will include seven archives and private collections preserved in at universal standards: “Scott Family Collection”, Aziz Ogan Collection”, “İsmayıl Hakkı Baltacıoğlu Collection”, “Traugott Fuchs Cultural and Historical Heritage Archives”, “Aptullah Kuran Archives”, “Feza Gürsey Collection”, and “Robert College, American College for Girls and Boğaziçi University Archives”.

   Documents and records from “Aziz Ogan Collection”, “İsmayıl Hakkı Baltacıoğlu Collection” and “Robert College, American College for Girls and Boğaziçi University Archives” are already accessible.

  The digital archives include personal letters, photographs, official correspondence, lecture notes, sketches, architectural drawings, maps, memoires and personal objects documenting the scientific, cultural and educational events and activities in Istanbul from the second half of the 19th century to the end of the 20th Century. The documents provide data on a variety of topics including history, archeology, architecture, history of architecture, arts and art history, museum studies, and basic sciences.

Archives and Documentation Center Digital Archives: