“Lezzet Manzaraları”: Breathtaking Scenery and Exquisite Food (July 23, 2015)

Mehmet Ulusoy, a graduate of Boğaziçi University, has carried fine dining to a different level with his “Lezzet Manzaraları”, a platform that seeks to integrate some of Turkey’s breathtaking scenery with the exquisite tastes of Turkish cuisine.  Mehmet Ulusoy, entrepreneur and a “schooled” chef, spoke to Boğaziçi Magazine, the monthly publication of the BU Alumni Association, about his new initiative. 

Upon graduating from the Tourism Management Department of Boğaziçi University in 2003, Ulusoy decided to enter the “kitchen” of the tourism industry and went back to his hometown of Bolu, which he calls the capital of cooking.  In Bolu he received his Master Chef and Training Chef certificates, followed by work experiences at the Hilton Hotel in Istanbul and in Paris.  The young entrepreneur is currently busy with his new concept in dining, which  he calls “Lezzet Manzaraları”, roughly translatable as the “Sceneries of Taste”

“Lezzet Manzaraları” is a totally new experience, one that diverges from the traditional practice of restricting dining to a single venue, and instead aims to integrate the pleasure of eating with the visual delight of a spectacular view.  Ulusoy says that being a part of this experience entails a mysterious process.  When you make a reservation at “Lezzet Manzaraları”, you are not given any information about the menu, nor about the date or the venue where you will be dining.  Only a week before the reservation date are you informed about the exact date and place.  Then, the day before the determined date, you receive directions to the venue on your cell phone.  The menu depends on where you will be dining and the view you will be enjoying.  According to Ulusoy, a dinner you will have in Istanbul must give you the feeling of being in the capital of an empire.  The process is enough to turn a project into an adventure.

Yet, not wanting to limit the project to an individual adventure, Ulusoy has designed it as a social responsibility project.  The primary aim is to highlight the cultural and gastronomic wealth to be found all around Turkey. All profits from the project are spent on education.  The expenses incurred for the meals are covered by donations from volunteers, and the money earned is used to meet the educational expenses of young people. 

For more information on this unusual initiative, visit http://lezzetmanzaralari.org